Michael McAuliffe Creative Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- When are you available to shoot?

Creative photography is the passion in my life and producing exceptional images is my raison d’etre. As such, with advance booking, I am ready to accept your assignment 24/7/365 to produce and deliver the imagery you need.

Q2- In what areas of photography do you specialize?

Events including: Art Events, Fundraisers, Galas, Parties, Social Gatherings, and

Corporate Events – including: parties, award ceremonies, conventions, and tradeshows

Editorial & Advertising Travel

Commercial: Product Shots, Advertising, Catalog & Website

Actor Headshots, Model Photo Shoots

Corporate/Professional Headshot Real Estate Photography

Q2a- What about Media Outreach?

We will provide assistance with Media outreach by submitting post-event photos to publications. Your event will also be featured and archived on www.michaelmcauliffe.us.


Per event: unlimited usage options for all images per event for PR service to the press:

1) For Web based usage the additional cost is $500. per event plus our hourly photographer rates for one year unlimited PR usage.

2) For Print/Editorial and Web based usage that is the standard $1,000. in addition to the event photographer rates, for one year unlimited PR usage plus photographer rates.

Per image option for PR usage for individual photos:

3) For per image Web based media outlets is $75. + event photographer rates.

4) Per Image for print/editorial only media outlets is $150. + event photographer rates.

5) Per Image for both Web and print/editorial media outlets is $250. + event photographer rates

Q3- What are your rates?

Once we determine the job specs of what you will need and how long it will take, we will provide you with a written quote of service fees. Quoted price includes light retouching and editing of the best photos taken each hour; does not include unlimited reproduction rights or additional shooting time. Rates will include a discount for non-profit corporations and charity fund-raisers. Variance of rate is based upon expected usage, travel and other factors.

Photographs delivered via download at www.dropbox.com. Job delivery includes editing of the best photos taken, online web gallery, unlimited printing rights. For each project we spend many hours transforming raw digital images from the camera into high quality finished pieces.

Understanding client needs and covering all the bases when photographing a live performance or event is critical. There's no time for hesitation or creative conferences. You make your choices, capture the action and move on to the next setup. From concerts and keynotes to accolades and acceptances, in event photography you have no second chance to get it right!

Second shooters are available. Associate photographer's rates vary on their experience.

Pricing does not include travel or expenses.

Q4- Do you offer retouching services and how much?

Yes, I offer retouching services. Digital post-production is as important a part of every photographers work as taking the photos themselves. Digital post-production today is what the darkroom was to photography in the past. Our technique and attention to detail in this process leaves our customers with not just photos, but with unique pieces of artwork. For exact pricing, email images to mvmcauliffe@cox.net; include detailed description of what you would like retouched.

Retouching quotes per project are estimated at $100 per hour and include professional editing and artistic repair of digital files, archiving.

Q5- When will I receive my photos?

Unedited images are generally available through the online gallery within 24-48 hours or less, depending on your media outreach needs. Edited high-resolution digital images are available within the same 24-48 hour time window for a limited selection for media distribution with the remainder of the shoot available within 3-5 days of shoot wrap uploaded to www.dropbox .com, but also available in DVD, CD or thumb drive.

Q6- What products do you offer?

We offer an array of fine art prints, canvas wraps, albums, custom announcements and invitations. Available through www.smugmug.com, my fulfillment website. Email mvmcauliffe@cox.net with any special requests.

Q7- Do you shoot on location or studio?

Both; on location and studio space are available.

Q8- Do you travel?

Anywhere, any time. Travel costs are included in your quoted rate as well as included in your deposit.

Q-9 How do I book a photo-shoot?

Inquire using mvmcauliffe@cox.net. Email is the easiest method of contact. Responses are sent within 48 hours. If your need is for a shorter timeframe, please contact me directly at 702.675.1487. We will go over on your job requirements and match up calendars to make your reservation. Our schedule changes frequently with new appointment bookings which makes it difficult to schedule near term projects via email.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your session and the remaining balance is due the day of your shoot. Looking for a bigger package but not in your budget right now? Ask about our payment plans!

For portraiture, fashion or lifestyle shots:

Q10a- What do I bring to my photo-shoot?

Once your session is confirmed with a deposit we’ll have a creative consultation, which entails what you will wear along with props, theme if any and the general session details.

Q10b- How long will the session take?

Sessions vary depending on the project. Key factors to take into consideration when determining rates/hours are event length and need for coverage of specific highlights of said event, or in the case of headshot/fashion hair/makeup and wardrobe.

Q10c- Why do you charge a deposit to reserve the session?

The deposit is 50% of your session fee and is non-refundable. This guarantees that your reservation is held just for you and prevents us from accepting another job in that timeframe. If for some reason you need to reschedule you have 90 days to do so without forfeiting your deposit. Any additional extensions will only be made with owner consideration and an extension fee may applied.

Q10d- Do you offer hair and make-up services?

Hair design and make-up artistry services are available for an additional fee to enhance your final product. Let's face it...we are not all experts in make-up or how to enhance our look while working against strong lights and flashes. Not to worry…we have experts that can help! Our stylists apply your make-up specific for a photo session to ensure your final product is WOW!!! Please plan on arriving to your session with clean and dry hair and face including no face lotion! It is ok to apply your normal hair products however our stylists reserve the right to reschedule should you not be “styling ready”.

Q10e- Should I tan before my session?

While spray tanning or fake baking prior to your session may bring a confidence that you are "photo shoot ready", please keep in mind that this enhancement may actually be holding us back. Modern technology lends professionals to great filters and processing to airbrush and make skin tones look their absolute best. That being said, tanning of any sorts in excess may make you appear very orange in your photos. Moderation is the definitely the ticket! Be confident in our techniques and as they are a much better enhancement choice!

Q10f- But I don’t look like a super model…

You do NOT need a “perfect body” to looking stunning in your photographs! We all have imperfections or areas that we are insecure about! We have mastered the art of creative lighting and posing to flatter any figure. Additionally, after the shoot we would be happy to work with you to “touch up” any problem areas you are concerned about.

Q10g- Can I bring a friend?

You are free to bring with you anyone who you feel may add to the enjoyment of your session but will not distract you or the photographer. Please keep in mind that most tend to relax more in front of the camera when there are no observers on the set. If you can see yourself practicing your best face in front of your friend then great! If not then you may want to save the sharing to when you show off your amazing shots! Children to be photographed must be accompanied by an adult but anyone under the age of 13 who is not a photographic subject is not permitted to attend shooting sessions.

Q10h- What do I bring?

The amount of changes you should bring depends on which package you select. We always advise to bring more than you think and then we can help with the final selections at the studio. Items to not forget would be shoes and jewelry as they help your "look" be more complete.

Q10i- How do I select photos from my session?

Within 2 business days after your session, you will have access to a password-protected proof gallery that you can view on-line. We will additionally schedule your post print consultation to view your images on a big screen with one of our client services representatives back at the studio. At that time we will share with you examples of the prints and products we offer and assist you in placing your order.

Q10j- Can I purchase digital files?

Finished, high-resolution, digital files are available individually or at a discounted rate for the entire collection. All digital images come with a copyright release form for printing and web usage. Pricing varies based on package selected.

Q11- What about Real Estate Photography?

As with a Professional real estate agent, Professional photos sell properties.

Professional looking photos are often the most important information, giving the "first impression" of the property and enticing people to follow up. In these days, people look at images first. Don't lose their attention by using "good enough" images taken by your phone or compact camera. Increase perceived value by using professional images using wide-angle lens along with techniques to visually maximize the strong points of the property.

Save your time and increase your commission. Let us help you with fast turnaround and professional real estate photography.

- 40 years of photographic experience, 14 years with digital photography.

- We use professional equipment (digital SLR camera, wide-angle lens, external flash)

- Perfect quality at prices that will fit your budget

- Time flexibility (24/7, weekends, holidays)

Included in your creative fee:

- Professional still images of interior/exterior

- No limit on image count, every property is different

- Low-res and hi-res images

- Professional post-production and editing

- Same day images upload (we do not provide virtual tour hosting, only images)

- Full license for any use of the images (web, print, ads)

Properties up to 1,500 sq.ft. $199

Properties 1,501 to 3,000 sq.ft. $249

Properties more than 3,001 sq.ft. $349

Q12- What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, check, Visa, and MasterCard and Discover. Payment Plans are available, but for non-commercial clients must be paid in full prior to receiving ANY prints or products. Please contact us for more details.

Q13- What makes you different?

Creativity and reliability are at the core of our business. When we cover an assignment, we first make sure that we cover the bases to deliver the primary needs of the client. But rather than stopping there we continually strive to bring a visually innovative perspective to every photography assignment whether it’s a corporate event, trade show or a full commercial production. Successful event photography requires more than just a good eye – it also requires good people skills and strong technical knowledge. From the homeless to billionaires and from the common man to the highest level elected leaders, Michael’s people skills and creativity have enabled him to create unique and appealing images that people can connect with.

We’re not finished until you’re satisfied. We enjoy our work very much and pride ourselves on having a candid photojournalistic style. A lifetime of experience has proved that quality photographs make all the difference, and that difference is in the details. We take the time to carefully plan out each project with you, paying close attention to every aspect of the job order to can deliver the best results possible. As important as artistic craftsmanship is, we realize that commercial photography is a service industry and we are here to help make your life easier and more successful.

We’ve got the experience. Strong visual imagery is a powerful tool that can be used to send the right message to your clients and target audience. With 40 years of experience for a wide variety of clients across the country and to shores beyond, we have honed the expertise necessary to capture your vision and ideas. We don’t simply document events –we highlight the energy and the story behind it.

Q14- Why Michael McAuliffe Creative Photography?

Creativity, technical expertise collaborative idea building with clients are what set us apart from other photographers, but those aren’t the only reasons you should trust us to photograph your event. Certainly, photography is our business and we approach every assignment with the utmost professionalism. However, creating images that will touch people is also our passion and we put our total commitment into every event or project that we shoot.

Our relationships with our clients is also paramount with us. We make sure to communicate effectively with you to ensure that we understand and fulfill your mission. We consider it a privilege to provide coverage of your most important moments. It is our goal to build trust and establish lasting relationships with our clients by providing exceptional quality and service that you can rely on every time. When it comes to professional and reliable event photography, you can count on us.